Rabu, 24 Februari 2021

Having problem with memory on your study skills, try these ones!


  1. Before you start to read, have something to eat. A steady supply for brain food is required by your memory center.
  2. Organize yourself. Before sitting down to read, have all the things you like.
  3. Before you begin to study, get some exercise. When you sit down to study, it will give your brain a break and make it easier to focus.
  4. Study in a quiet place so that you can really pay attention with no distractions.
  5. Think about what the latest information personally means to you. Think about interactions that you have had that include the subject you are researching, for instance.
  6. To stop overloading your memory center, take regular breaks. Take a break for a few minutes every 30 minutes.
  7. Check the content again right before you go to sleep when you have an exam the next day. If you do, while you sleep, your memory center will keep working with that stuff.
  8. Ask the person to test you on the material when you are with a family member or a friend.
  9. In preparation for an exam, prepare for when you will review. For at least three separate days before a test, you can review the content. In your assignment notebook, put the analysis days.
  10. Often spend more time examining the complicated material that is difficult to grasp and recall compared to the simple material that you know well.
  11. Even after you think you know it, keep on learning the hard stuff.
Good Luck

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