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Love novel, would you?


Written by Febi/4th semester;

I will share the recommendation of the novel that I read and I like. For novel lovers and literary lovers, maybe this novel is perfect for you to read. Demian: The Story of Emil Sinclair's Youth, the novel was written by Hermann Hesse who was born on July 2, 1877 in Claw, Germany. This novel began to be written in 1917 when World War I was still underway. Hesse joined the army of war prisoners, and he was not affected by the enthusiasm of war at the time. At that time Hesse wrote an essay and then he experienced an event that really changed his life. This Demian novel takes the backdrop of a few years before the world war began. Take the corner of the story of a boy named Emil Sinclair who tells about his life. This fiction novel was first published in 1919. Perhaps when reading this novel, it requires little understanding to understand every sentence sequence written by Hesse. But, this novel has many meanings that are strung together in literary sentences. Here I will give you some quotes in each chapter in Demian's novel.

“The realms of day and night, two different worlds coming from two opposite poles, mingled during this time. My parent’s house made up one realm, this realm was familiar to me in almost every way--mother and father, love and strictness, model behavior, and school.”

“It was the first fisure in the columns that had upheld my childhood, which every individual must destroy before he can become himself. Such fissures and rents grow together again, heal and are forgotten, but in the most secret recesses they continue to live and bleed.”

“There numerous ways in which god can make us lonely, and lead us back to our selves. This way the way dealt with me at the time.”

“The other realm, however overlaping half our house, was completely different, a loud mixture of horrendous, intriguing, frightful, mysterious things, including slaughterhouses and prisons. Drunkards and screeching fishwive, calving cows, horses sinking to their death, tales of robberies, muders, and suicides.”

“With the face that resembled her son’s. Timeless, ageless, and full of inner strengh. The beautiful women smiled with dignity. Her gaze was fullfilment, her greeting a homecoming. Silently, I stretched my hands out to her.”

“The bird fight it way out of the egg. The egg is the world. Who would be born must first destroy a world. The bird flies to God. That God’s name is Abraxas.”


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